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Not FDIC Insured

  • Safety Boxes

    Want a safe place to keep your valuables and those things that are so hard to replace? Try one of our safe deposit boxes! They come in a variety of sizes and price ranges.

Small (2X5)


Medium (3X5)


Large (5X5)


X-Large (3X10)


XXL-Large (5X10)


XXX-Large (6x10)


Deposit On All




There is a one time $25 deposit on 2 keys. The fee is refunded when the box is closed and both keys are returned. Boxes are rented by the year, and can be charged directly to your account.

  • Telephone Banking

    Would you like the convenience of doing your banking from home? We offer telephone banking so you can stay home on the days when the weather just gets the best of you.

With telephone banking you can:

• Transfer between accounts

• Check your account balances

• Report lost ATM cards

• Offer ability to fax account info at customer’s request- including long distance

Just call:

• 218-74-FIRST

• 218-743-4778

* Toll free 866-643-4778

* Kelliher area: 218-647-8123

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