Safe Deposit Boxes Prices Vary Based on Size
Deposit on All $25
Drilling $50
Check Printing Prices Vary on Number of Checks
Cashier's Checks All Customers $5
Personal Money Orders Edge Account Customers No Charge
All Others $1.50
Maximum Fee $10
*Access Card Card Activation and Purchase $5
Minimum Load $10
Reload $4.95 (No Reload Fee with Direct deposit)
*Gift Card Card Activation and Purchase $3
Minimum Load $10
*Travel Money Card Card Activation and Purchase $5
Minimum Load $10
Reload $4.95
Stop Payment Fee $20
Non-Suffcient Funds/Return Item Fee $25
Overdraft Fee $20 Fees apply to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Check Cashing (Not on Us/Non-Customer) Per Hundred $1
Maximum Charge (Excluding Phone Call) $10
Phone Call to Verify Funds $2
Canadian Checks-US or Canadian Funds $5
Canadian Check Processing Per Check $5
Wire Transfers Domestic-In $12
Domestic-Out $15
Foreign-In $12
Foreign-Out $50
Notary Non-Customers $1
Fax In - Per Page 50¢
Out - 1st Page $2
Each Additional Page 50¢
Photo Copies Black and White Letter (8.5X11) 25¢
Color 75¢
Laminating Small (3X4) 50¢
Letter (8.5X11) $1
Ledger (11X17) $1.50
Debit Card Reissue Fee  $10.00

Person to person (P2P) Debit card

Funds transfer per initiated transfer. $1.00

Small balance inactivity fee

If your account is inactive for at least 6 months, AND your balance is less than $5.00, you maybe accessed a one time inactivity fee. The fee will be the lesser of $5.00 or the balance of the account.

*See us for further details.